The Power of Play Summer 2023

For young children age 7 – 9

Play over 10 different board games and card activities to

Polish English reading & oral skill.

Develop children’s techniques in

Logic – Strategy – Creativity – Collaboration – Self Confidence – Presentation



Students are all in charge of the games (Game Masters!) In this course, children will learn how to read instruction manual, work out the steps and rules, discuss and consent on how to play.



Some will take up the role of referees who need to be crystal-clear about the rules, and to teach others how to play; others will discuss the strategies, analyse how to win the games, learn to articulate in a structured ways.



Not only will students play readily-made board games or card games, on our last day they will invent their own games and try to challenge one another, using any material available at the centre!!



Class A: Jul31 – Aug4, 2023 | Class B: Aug7 – 11, 2023

10:00am – 12:00pm

Tentative duration of class time is 2 hours, subject to the number of students enrolled,

and may extend to 2.5 hours (in case they don’t want to leave!! 😄


Sign up before Jun10, 2023 to enjoy 20% off early bird discount!


5-day camp for $4,800

(after Early Bird Price $6,000)

Speed enrolment via Whatsapp, or fill in the registration form if you have further questions.


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