About us

Who we are

The Avid Reader Club is a reading development program that aims to inculcate in children the passion for reading, and eventually to nurture them into a habitual reader.

Our Mission

From book reading…to book craving, we seek to motivate children and instill in them the desire to read for pleasure and knowledge, so that their minds become their libraries, their knowledge treasure-troves.

Our Belief

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

– Albert Einstein

We DON’T believe in drills.

We believe the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success is reading; and better still if our children are read aloud to. Listening comprehension leads to reading comprehension, good writing & confident speaking.

Using our proven methods, good readers will develop indispensable talents, skills and attitudes alongside their reading habits, such as:

good listening skills

improved communication skills

perseverance (become disciplined individuals)

love of words (wider usage of vocabularies)

value for books, literature and cultures

enjoyment of inner peace (reduced hyper-activeness)

enhanced creativity & curiosity

ability to conceptulise of time & incentives management

appreciation for other literacy-based passions such as music & lyrics, theatres, movies & musicals

about the founder

The Founder of The Avid Reader Club, Ms Anna or Huma (胡媽), has been blogging since 2014, documenting her thoughts about the fun but sometimes tough journey of raising her 2 kids Ali and Mei Mei.

A booklover herself, Ms Anna has made cultivating a good habit of reading for her kids a personal crusade – having devoted years of research to learning the art and skills of reading, she has been reading-aloud to her kids for more than 10 years on a daily basis.

Realising how much benefits a child can get from reading – cognitively and ethically; and how unhealthy nowadays the academic competition has led to stressful, unhappy kids & parents, Ms Anna decided to establish The Avid Reading Club, hoping to prove that learning can be an enjoyable process.  Her most shiny accolade for her strong belief in reading is her own children, who are both scholarships students in an international IB school.  Not to mention her other students who all have achieved huge improvement in their academic studies and their love of reading.

Ms Anna graduated from HKU Faculty of Law, pursued her career in banking as the department head of business and commerce development in a leading global financial institution for over 10 years. Ms Anna is now studying for a Life Coach qualification, aiming to be a specialist in Youth Coaching and Child Psychology one day. Her other interests include photography, writing, yoga and golfing.

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