A 5-month Intensive Reading Program on Learning Enhancement (20 hours course)

  • The first and only Youth-Coaching Program in Hong Kong leveraging reading as a tool.
  • Students learn numerous learning techniques and skills to make learning an automated and efficient process.
  • Our key objectives are to let children rediscover the joy of knowledge acquisition in an effortless way, and become an independent & highly organized person.

#1. Be your own Life Designer

You are what you do everyday

  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Habit-Stacking – Build Empowering Habits
  • Data Analytics to Track & Decode your Behaviour
  • Positive Mindset Building

#2. Be the Master of Time

Efficient & Effective Life Organising Skill

  • Prioritization : Urgent vs Important
  • Calendarization – Design & Block Time
  • Homework Management
  • Procrastination vs Discipline

#3. Be “In-Distractible”

Mindfulness & Right Brain Training

  • LFR Meditation Method (Laser Focus Reading)
  • DEEP Work – Leverage the power of Right Brain to enhance creativity & learning efficiency
  • Speed Reading Technique (2x faster!)
  • Tips to become indistractible using NIR Method

#4. Be an Avid Reader

Read to Retain Knowledge

  • Achieve “Reading Stickiness” – remember names, plots, places and dates
  • Comprehension Technique – Read Between the Lines
  • Super Memory through Storytelling (from historical facts to Periodic Table)

#5. Be a Smart Learner

Fast & Strategic Revision Skill

  • Notes-taking Methods & Habit
  • In-class Notes vs Revision Notes
  • Short-hand, Formal Typing Form, Graphs & Mind-mapping
  • Data Organizing – Master Google Work Space in Marie Kondo way

#6. Be a Thinker

Transform Knowledge to become your Unique Inspiration to Others

  • SMART Questions – the magic of Elaborative Interrogation
  • Feynman Method – Become a Great Explainer
  • From Thinker to Writer – Your thoughts reflect how much you know

#7. Be a Communicator

Present to impress Communicate to inspire

  • Different forms of communication
  • Public speaking, Powerpoint & Classroom, Social Media
  • Introvert vs Extrovert – Overcoming Stage Fright

For students who are eager to ace their academic & extracurricular life and to:

  1. Learn how to learn faster, effectively and efficiently
  2. Seek motivation to achieve higher goals
  3. Well prepare for overseas study & interviews
  4. Improve thinking and analytical skill
  5. Improve presentation skill – oral & visual
  6. Read more to widen one’s horizon and knowledge in different fields
  7. Become a true life-long autodidact – self-learner in any aspect of interest

Or Students who are facing the following difficulties:

  1. Extremely strained by traditional spoon-feeding, institutional education 
  2. Lack of self-organizational skill & time concept
  3. Deprived of time to rest & play due to homework load & pressure
  4. Difficulty in focusing; always multitasking
  5. Highly distracted by digital mediums
  6. Difficulty in revise school work even after hours of studying
  7. Lack of creativity or original ideas

ENROL today at $12,000 for

20-hour class package +

Bonuses value $12,000


Join our monthly plan

at $2600/month

Current students also enjoy

Member-Get-Member Offer

with the following 5 bonuses worth over $12,000!


Bonus #1

1-on-1 Parent Phone Consultation  (30min Value HK$500)

Discuss and identify your child’s schooling & his/her desirable development

Bonus #2

50% off SIBLING OFFER (Value $6000 for 20 classes) 

Current and New Student who enrolls in both Reading & Writing Class 5-month Programs, his/her sibling will get a 50% off on the same/another lower-grade 5-month program.

Bonus #3

COMPLIMENTARY Ms Anna’s 2023 3-day Summer Camp FOR FREE! (Value HK$5,000)

Member-get-Member super bonus: Current students who bring a friend to attend the program will be automatically enrolled into 2023 3-day Summer Camp, for FREE!!*

*Dates, format & venue of summer camp to be confirmed.

Bonus #4

Reading Assessment (Value HK$500) Recommendation on your child’s learning and reading goals for the coming 12 months based on his/her academic pursuit; identify the specific discipline your child needs to focus on.


All children are grown differently at different pace.

Therefore we offer our Summer Immersive Training for students who cannot follow and benefit from the 5 month program.

Current Student Member-get-Member Offer :

Introduce a friend to join this Reading Program

To enjoy the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: One-on-one parent consultation 30min (Value $500)

Bonus #2: 50% Sibling Offer (Value $5,000)

Bonus #3: Complimentary 3-Day Summer Camp 2023 (Value $6000)

Bonus #4: Reading Assessment (Value $500)

Two Payment Options for New Students

1. $12,000 for 20 classes

(@ $600)

to get 5 BONUSES worth $12,000


2. $2600/month

(@ $650)

Seats are very limited for face-to-face class on Sat 11:00am. Online class on Tue 6pm or Wed 5pm.

Please Whatsapp Teacher Anna @93079797 to enroll, or click




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