Our Programs

We offer programs to different levels of readers, from as young as 2 years old to junior high students. These classes are conducted in both one-on-one private class & in a group of 2-3, at student’s home or at The Avid Reader Club centre located at One Island South.  Auntie Tam’s Education Centre

“What we learn in childhood is carved in stone. What we learn as adults is carved in ice.” – David Kherdian, poet



Young toddlers – Kindergarteners

A 50-minute session primarily focuses on engaging toddlers in sounds and graphics, and repeatedly referring to the same texts so as to help toddlers build the connections between  words and sounds. Phonics is introduced and reinforced gradually during reading. Class is wrapped up with toddlers scribbling and drawing to express their views of the stories, to encourage their exercise of creativity and to improve their dexterity.


Sapling 1

Junior Graders

In this 60-minute session, students are read to at least 1 book of their choice and  1 selected by the teacher, with the focus on revising phonetic knowledge, strengthening story comprehension and expanding their interests via different types of texts – fiction, non-fiction, poems, lyrics, comics, magazines, movies and newspapers etc.  Many questions are asked to encourage students inquire into the deeper meaning of the stories, and to make up their own story endings/characters so as to cultivate their creativity in thinking. Students are required to read a selection of books within an agreed timeframe.


Tree 1

Senior Graders – Junior Highs

This is a program for mature readers who read regularly, or are passionate about reading but may need to expand their interests to a wider spectrum of literature and media so as to cope with higher expectations from most secondary school curriculums. The class is conducted twice a week through a 30-minute online conference using Google Apps, with 2-3 students in a group for the purpose of bringing in more perspectives and sharing, hence to create a more interesting, interactive learning platform.

The program covers regular book appreciation plus other interesting subjects such as global affairs analysis, interesting quotes from books & famous people, thought-provoking but fun Oxbridge interview questions discussions…just to name a few.


Book 1

An Avid Learned Reader

From seed to sapling, then to tree. We fell tree down, turn them into paper to record what we see. There is no doubt we all hope to see our kids grow to become learned readers for life, individuals who find wisdom, value and happiness in books.  All we need to do is to regularly read with them and ultimately cultivate in them the self-sufficiency to learn, read and grow, and become avid, learned readers.


“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” – Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood