Courses and Fees

Each student is unique; therefore we have a thoroughly-designed yet flexible class protocol to follow. Building a habit requires a lot of monitoring, encouragement and self- discipline, and this is how we are confident about guiding students to become habitual readers. Below is the program structure to suit different ages, goals & levels.

1. First Trial Reading & Analysis

A 60-min trial reading class is like a chemistry meeting between the Reading Specialist & the Student.  We need to ensure Students are happy and are willing to pursue a reading habit development course before we accept them. It is their passion to read and their motivation to become an avid reader that matters.

The First Trial Reading Class will include:-

  • Questionnaire to Students about their current reading habit
  • Questionnaire to Parents about the resources and time they can assist Students in reading at home
  • 20-min read-aloud by Reading Specialist & Students to evaluate reading style, comprehension and interest
  • 15-min writing analysis (typing skill checking for older student)
  • Review on Student’s bookshelves and current reading materials
  • Goals setting for both Student & Parents

A Trial-Read Report will be provided with our evaluation on Students’ reading level & interests, strengths & areas for improvement, and suggestions on how to set goals.

Trial Reading Class

First One-on-one Private (60min) – $1000 

2. Private 1-on-1 /

Two Reading Buddies / Group of 8

For commencing a good reading habit or developing children’s confidence in reading independently, a Private 1-on-1 class is recommended to kick start a good habit within a short time. This program covers reading, story analysis, presentation skill, typing & writing; time management & youth coaching*.

[*all skills will be introduced according to the age of students]

Once students have picked up a reading routine and are capable of recognising simple words, they are introduced to the Two Reading Buddies class, and are assigned a buddy who mutually help to encourage each other their reading motivation, scope and level.

For students who hope to enjoy some fun reading time with like-minded (and level) friends, Group of 8 Class offers them a laughters-filled afternoon, bringing students a new perspective that reading is as enjoyable as playing games!

Private 1-on-1

One-on-one Private Class (60min) – $1000 per classes


Two Reading Buddies

  2 Buddies semi-private Class (60min) – $1500 per classes


Seed Group (age 3 – 7)

Group Class of 4 (60min) – $2,000 per person for 4 classes ($500/hr)


Sapling Group (age 7 – 10)

Group Class of 4 (60min) – $2,200 per person for 4 classes ($550/hr)


Tree Program (age 10 – 15)

One-on-one Private (45min) / 2-Buddies Private (60min)

– $3,000 per person for 4 classes 

(All classes are conducted via online ZOOM)

3. Youth/Family Coaching

For Students who need assistance in achieving specific academic and/or non-academic goals; or who need guidance in screen management, relationship and life planning.

A 10-hour program to be conducted weekly with both Students and Parents who are guided to set a quantifiable & achievable goals within a specific timeframe. Students’ progress will be monitored whilst parents will learn tips on how to help their children achieve their goals in the long run.

Youth / Family Coaching

A 90-min class for 10 sessions – $20,000

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please contact The Avid Reader Club to check class schedule.
  2. Classes are confirmed every 2 months and class schedule and fee are pre-agreed and payable in advance.
  3. Only Private Class students are allowed to reschedule class time or date.
  4. Make-up class is available for Group Classes students who give 6 hours advance notice to call absent.
  5. All students are welcome to come 15min earlier/stay 15min more at the Library to play, read and make friends. We offer a very comfortable, homey environment for all our students.
  6. Course fees and structure are subject to changes without prior notice.
  7. Nothing stated in this website shall constitute any contractual obligation or responsibility.