Gaming for the Brain Summer 2023

Unlock the treasures in gaming | Apply skills in real-life learning

Help your children change their

mindless screen-staring habit;

Turn it into Conscious Gaming!

What’s your plan for your kids this summer?

Let’s face the fact – no matter how many activities are lined up, we just can’t stop them from playing video games during their leisure time. They worked hard, they deserve that.

What if they can also learn conscious-gaming, and make the whole experience a learning enhancement?

Our most epic course ever designed – Gaming for the Brain – is what you need!

From the psychological perspective of why we play games, to the cognitive aspects that games deliver,

this program covers EVERYTHING a gamer can learn —

gameplay, character development, player interaction, strategies, art and music direction.

Gaming is no longer a reactive activity for children,

but a proactive learning portal to tap into!

What’s more, I will teach your children how this intrinsic appreciation of games

leads to the success of its extrinsic values —

the companies that make them, the franchise, the hype of the competitive $100-billion gaming industry,

and most interesting of all probably is how to get into the game industry!!

We’ve heard enough of our kids saying that, haven’t we?

Be they programmers, game designers, story designers, game artists, music composers, user experience experts (UX)…

they can all start NOW by polishing their skills and pave their ways to their dream industry!

Don’t worry…your kids won’t be coming to my centre and just playing games!

Learning techniques will be taught and practiced everyday.

We will cover group discussions, focus practice, game review writing, game design and team debate.

This is what META-LEARNING is about – enjoyable and fun is the KEY!

We may even invite some cool speakers from the game industry to give us a talk!

It’s gonna be eye-opening and interactive!

Enjoy our early bird offer to get as low as HK$285/hr class rate!

Sign up for our 10-day course to get the most holistic view of gaming for only HK$10,000; or choose just any one week for a 5-day course for HK$6,000. Early bird offer will end after May31, 2023.

We will cover all the learning enhancement techniques for both 5 / 10-day program, the only difference is the games introduced.
Program schedule will be sent to registrant upon enrolment.


Not sure if this course will benefit your child?

You can also fill in the form below to get a 20 min 1-on-1 free phone consultation with Ms Anna, the Founder of The Avid Reader Club. (value HK$350)

In this call, we will discuss about your child’s gaming habit and your greatest concern.

I will also explain more about what Meta-Learning is, how it can help your child’s learning, and why Gaming for the Brain Summer Camp can help with his/her study.

We believe every child takes different pace to flourish.

Our NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND GUARANTEE ensures that all children learning from us will improve in areas we cover, and will take away learning techniques from our carefully designed program.

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