I have the habit of taking photos of what I read, and since I started TARC I also started to record the books I read to my students during every class, and share with their parents afterwards.

A nice way to describe this habit is ‘very organised’; less kind is what I also gladly admit as ‘OCD’. (Oppressive Compulsive Disorder). I used to keep book journals too, with the book cover printed out & stuck on a page where I wrote my thoughts about it. I know I’m going a bit too far…Anyhow…

While I take photos of my books (or books my kids read), I also always hear an inner voice of mine talking about them as if I were listening to a book critique – what’s the takeaway (message), how it resembles another book, why the book is popular, how do the authors research on the topics, why my 11-year old boy is reading a book about careers?!!? etc…

Then an idea came – if what a chef covers in his/her blog is about the seasonal ingredients, or a new dish new flavour, the blog of a reading club should naturally cover the books that we read/recommend/hate?

Great! That means I can start to put down all my thoughts about the books that I read, systematically, in one place that I can also share with other book lovers. That is what I am going to do with The Avid Reader Club Facebook Page

Each week, I will post a ‘Book-appetit’, a review by me, my family, and eventually my students. My ultimate goal is to advocate the love of reading for a wide selection of books. Be a risk taker, and expand your horizon and give every facet of this interesting world of books a try!


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